About Us

Livingston’s devotion to customer satisfaction is evidenced by the various methods of personnel management. Each job consists of at least one quality control manager that carefully monitors, records and evaluates the overall performance of each individual electrician-everyday ensuring high quality work in a timely manner. Job complexity requires ever increasing coordination with trades – not just at time of design coordination but during installation – before/during/after. We strive to make the job headache free for our customer.

We are an innovative electrical contracting & engineering firm that has evolved from an electrical business established in 1958.
Our focus is on new construction of High Rise and Mid-Rise Residential Towers, Hotels, and Dormitories. “We have extensive experience dealing with Normal & Emergency Power Distribution Systems, Deck Work, General Circuitry, Fire Alarm, & Low Voltage Systems (i.e. Access Control, CCTV, Telecommunication, Audiovisual, and Lighting Control Systems).”, Normal & Emergency Power Distribution Systems, Deck Work and General Circuitry. In fact, we are proudly recognized as an industry leader in these areas. Our in-house engineering staff designs shop drawings that are unparalleled in the industry. We produce highly detailed color CAD plans that take the guesswork out of the installation process, therefore minimizing the potential for errors. Extensive coordination is done with the Architect and Engineer to ensure proper functionality as well as an accurate installation that complies with all code requirements and the owner’s design intent. Quality control and a productive staff are involved in every nuance of the installation. This helps ensure that all work is coordinated properly with all the trades during installation, and it helps the engineer create the most efficient design per field conditions.
Daniel Livingston, P.E. President      Since 1987 Mr. Livingston has worked to establish an organization that embodies a business philosophy of upmost professionalism, intelligence and integrity. His intuitiveness and enterprising methods are redefining the electrical contracting industry and paving the way for the future. Mr. Livingston’s business acumen has enabled him to build the firm to over 140 administrative and trades personnel.read more….

Jeffrey Burdier, P.E. Vice President      Mr. Burdier has been with the firm since 2012. An Electric Engineering graduate from Polytechnic University, he has already headed many projects in New York City. He leads Livingston’s estimating team and works side-by-side with Mr. Livingston during all contract negotiations.

Keith Lanning
Assistant Vice President
      Mr. Lanning’s has been with the company since 2003 and is involved with and manages the daily operations of all aspects of the company. With a Master’s Degree in Business and a background in real estate and construction, Mr. Lanning plays a critical role when scouting for new projects, negotiating contracts and leases, developing project logistics, and provides oversight for the overall operations of the firm.

Mr. Lanning’s goal is to maintain and ensure effective and efficient productivity from all aspects of the company.  Whether it be keeping up with deadlines, ensuring work is performed within a budget, or motivating men to overcome impossible tasks to get the job done- Mr. Lanning is always ready, willing and able to take on any task the company needs. His problem solving skills are what separate him from others in the industry.  No matter the obstacle that arises, he always finds a way to work it out and get the job done.

Moon Oh, Chief Financial Officer      A Masters Degree in Accounting and almost 40 years in the electrical contracting accounting and finance industry, she is well known for her knowledge, skills and abilities when handling corporate finances. Mrs. Oh has been operating the epicenter of Livingston Electric since 2002.